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Natural advantages

Big and small, we’re defined by natural advantages and endless opportunity.


Natural gas is a valued commodity on global markets, especially in countries looking for more diverse, cleaner, low-cost, and sustainable energy.

This creates an opportunity for North American liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports, and the District offers an attractive location for the development of LNG facilities and shipping terminals because of its unique combination of deep water harbours, the opportunity for development of additional local supplies of natural gas, and existing pipeline infrastructure to bring in gas from western Canada and the Northeastern U.S.


Goldboro LNG will include a natural gas liquefaction plant and facilities for the storage and export of LNG, including a marine jetty for loading. The facility is anticipated to produce approximately ten million metric tonnes of LNG per year and have on-site storage capacity of 690,000 cubic metres of LNG.

The facility will be located adjacent to the Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline, a 1,400-kilometre transmission pipeline system built to transport natural gas between Nova Scotia, Atlantic Canada and the northeastern United States.

Goldboro LNG will create significant direct and indirect economic benefits for the local District, the province and the region.  Those include

  • Jobs and training in the community and the region
  • Construction phase: up to 3,500 jobs at Goldboro site
  • Ongoing operation and maintenance: up to 200 positions
  • Opportunities for sub-contracts, manufacture and supply of equipment
  • Use of local personnel, goods and services
  • Diversification of local economy
  • General community initiatives such as education, arts and culture projects
  • Increased municipal and provincial tax revenue

The development of Goldboro LNG in Nova Scotia will create:

  • A supplemental export market for natural gas that is not currently available
  • Additional government royalty revenue from increased gas sales
  • A major boost to the Nova Scotian and regional economy, resulting in enhanced employment and direct and indirect economic benefits to the local community.

All of these create an opportunity for the energy industry to develop additional natural gas energy resources and advance the industry throughout the region.