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District Six: Warden Vernon Pitts

Lundy, Larry's River, New Harbour, Tor Bay, Charlos Cove

District Six: Warden Vernon PittsVernon was first elected to Council in 1994 and became Warden on Dec. 4th, 2013 after serving as Deputy Warden since 2008.  He was educated at New Glasgow High School and Nova Scotia Community College in Stellarton. He has been a resident of the District for more than 30 years, setting down roots in the community of Lundy with his wife Shirley.

Vernon has served on many committees, boards and volunteer organizations and takes a very active role in the Larry’s River & District Volunteer Fire Department where he has been certified as a Medical First Responder and Level 1 Firefighter and Search & Rescue. He has served the Property Services Committee, the Environmental Services Committee, the Financial Services Committee and the Staff & Personnel Committee among others.

Vernon currently serves on the Eastern Region Solid Waste Management Committee, the Police Advisory Committee, the Audit Committee as well as the Landfill Liaison Committee and is also a board member with various local organizations including the Guysborough Regional Development Authority, the Guysborough County Adult Learning Association, the Milford Haven Home for Special Care, and the Communities Along the Bay Multi-Use Facility.

Home: 902-533-3597
Municipal Office: 902-533-3705
Email: Vernon Pitts
Fax: 902-533-2749



Based on NAD83, UTM Zone 20N

BEGINNING, point 612087E, 5001935N on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean on PID 35094366;

THENCE, westerly to the corner of PID 35094366;

THENCE, northerly crossing Highway 316 to point 611967E, 5002120N on PID 35067602;

THENCE, westerly to point 611120E, 5002056N on PID 35094820;

THENCE, northerly along PID 35094820 to point 611186E, 5002970N;

THENCE, westerly along PID 35094820 to point 610877E, 5002972N on PID 35094812;

THENCE, northerly along PID 35094812 to 610916E, 5003484N;

THENCE, westerly along PID 35094812 to point 610171E, 5003503N on PID 35066679;

THENCE, northerly on PID 35066679 to point 610204E, 5004101N;

THENCE, westerly on PID 35066679 to point 609505E, 5004151;

THENCE, northerly to intersection with District 1 and District 7 at point 608284E, 5019217N;

THENCE, easterly through Eight Mile Lake to point 610379E, 5018985N at the intersection of District 1 and District 4;

THENCE, easterly to point 617439E, 5019005N after crossing the Larrys River Road;

THENCE, southeasterly to point 622159E, 5017950N near Sandy Cove Lake & PID 35034008;

THENCE, southerly to point 622176E, 5017840N on PID 35034008;

THENCE, easterly to the shores of Sandy Cove Lake at point 622258E, 5017840N

THENCE, easterly following the shores of Sandy Cove Lake to point 622394E, 5017843N on PID 35034008;

THENCE, following the baseline of the group of properties on PID 35194678 to point 640099E, 5020958 at corner of PID 35036508;

THENCE, southeasterly to point 640579E, 5020207N;

THENCE, southerly to point 640850E, 5018721 on PID 35093640;

THENCE, southwesterly along PID 35093640 to point 640774E, 5018581N;

THENCE, southerly along shores of Cooeycoff Lake to point 640978E, 5017733N on PID 35037647;

THENCE, southeasterly along PID 35037647 to the corner at 641001E, 5017677N;

THENCE, southeasterly to point 641200E, 5016982N on PID 35014646;

THENCE, southwesterly along PID 35014646 to point 640866E, 5016303N on PID 35094978;

THENCE, southeasterly along PID 35094978 to point 641127E, 5016195N on PID 35175686;

THENCE, southeasterly along PID 35175686 to the corner at point 641532E, 5015505N;

THENCE, westerly along PID 35175686 to point 641348E, 5015490N on PID 35042480;

THENCE, southwesterly along PID 35042480 to point 641214E, 5015153N;

THENCE, southeasterly to point 641622E, 5014019N on PID 35014471;

THENCE, southerly along PID 35014471 to point 641639E, 5012691N on PID 35014562;

THENCE, southeasterly then southerly to Highway 316 at point 641746E, 5012380N;

THENCE, southeasterly to point 641849E, 5012348N;

THENCE, southwesterly across Highway 316 to southeastern edge of PID 35014588 at point 641822E, 5012325N;

THENCE, southwesterly along PID 35014588 to the shore of the Atlantic Ocean at point 641729E, 5012219N;

THENCE, westerly along the shore of the Atlantic Ocean to the point of origin at 612087E, 5001935N.