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District Two: Deputy Warden Sheila Pelly

Lincolnville, Sunnyville, Upper Big Tracadie

District Two: Councillor Sheila Pelly

First elected in 2004, District Two Councillor Sheila Pelly represents the communities of Lincolnville, Sunnyville and Upper Big Tracadie.

Sheila’s educational background includes certification from St. Francis Xavier University in Human Relations. Sheila worked in the human resource field at St. Martha’s Regional Hospital as the Human Resources Coordinator for over 20 years. Over the last three years, Sheila has worked closer to home with the Antigonish/Guysborough Black Development Association as an Employment Officer. This position allowed Sheila to work with local African Nova Scotians to build their job readiness and job search skills.

Sheila’s volunteer work in the community is extensive, including Chair of the Lincolnville Commission Development Association and Board Member of the Regional Development Authority. These past experiences prepared Sheila for the challenge of being a Councillor for District Two.

Home: 902-232-2348
Municipal Office: 902-533-3705
Cell: 902-870-3440
Email: Sheila Pelly
Fax: 902-533-2749



DESCRIPTION OF ELECTORIAL VOTING DISTRICT 2 - Lincolnville - Sunnyville - Upper Big Tracadie
Based on NAD83, UTM Zone 20N

District 2.1

BEGINNING, at point 608245E, 5048328N on the Municipality of the District of Guysborough and the Antigonish County boundary and intersection of District 1;

THENCE, southerly to point 609409E, 5039901N to the intersection of District 2.1 boundary heading east;

THENCE, easterly on the northern boundary of PID 35180173 to point 612152E, 5039901N;

THENCE, easterly crossing Highway 16 to point 613E, 5039863N on northern boundary of PID 35121409;

THENCE, easterly along PID 35121409 to point 614950E, 5040024N;

THENCE, easterly to point 617772E, 5040102N near Neds Lake;

THENCE, northeasterly to point 615758E, 5049221N on PID 35050905;

THENCE, northeasterly along PID 35050905 to the corner of the lot at point 615604E, 5050122N;

THENCE, southwesterly along the boundary of PID 35050905 to point 615286E, 5049934N on PID 35002765;

THENCE, northerly along PID 35002765 to point 615210E, 5050435N to PID 35127216;

THENCE, northeasterly along PIDs 35127216 and 35127224 to the corner at point 615416E, 5050561N;

THENCE, northwesterly along 35127224 to the Antigonish County/Municipality of the District of Guysborough line at point 615206E, 5050896N;

THENCE, in a southwesterly direction following the Antigonish County/Municipality of the District of Guysborough line to the point of origin at 608245E, 5048328N.

District 2.2

THENCE, commencing at the intersection of New Road, District 1, and District 4 at point 616979E, 5027125N;

THENCE, northerly to point 616995E, 5027199N on PID 35170125;

THENCE, northerly along the boundary of PID 35162973 (formerly Old Canso Road) to Prince Street at point 617004E, 5027318;

THENCE, northwesterly to point 616959E, 5027331N;

THENCE, northerly to point 616910E, 5027897N on Old Riverside Road;

THENCE, northwesterly to point 611069E, 5029281N on Hart’s Lake;

THENCE, southerly to point 610931E, 5024026N on Tompkinsville Road at the intersection of District 2.2 and District 4;

THENCE, northeasterly to point 615443E, 5026348N on PID 35125814;

THENCE, northeasterly along PID 35125814 to point 615492E, 5026357N;

THENCE, northeasterly to point 615936E, 5026602N on PID 35049865;

THENCE, southeasterly along PID 35049865 to corner at point 615974E, 5026548N;

THENCE, northeasterly along PIDs 35049865, 35042373, and 35049873 to point 616237E, 5026696N;

THENCE, northeasterly along PID 35005511 to corner of PID 35078872 at point 616279E, 5026712N;

THENCE, northeasterly along PID 35078872 & continuing past until point 616704E, 5026937N on PID 35170588;

THENCE, northeasterly along northern boundary of PID 35170588 to the point of origin at 616979E, 5027125N.