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Natural advantages

Big and small, we’re defined by natural advantages and endless opportunity.


Mining: Aggregate

Martin Marietta Inc. is the second largest construction aggregates producer in the United States and the quarry it operates in the District is its only Canadian aggregates operation. The quarry is located on tidewater within the Strait of Canso. Production at the facility has increased significantly in recent years.
The operation furnishes material via self-unloading ships and barges to customers in Nova Scotia, the Eastern and Gulf Coasts of the United States, and the Caribbean.
The Strait of Canso is among Canada's busiest ports. The current terminal is capable of handling bulk carrier vessels up to 70,000 ton capacity. The facility employs over 100 people. Products lines include fine aggregates, coarse aggregates, granular materials, and drainage materials

A second aggregate quarry, near Canso at Black Point, on the District`s southern coast is in the approval stages.

Vulcan Materials Company, the United State’s largest producer of construction aggregates, purchased the rights to the Black Point Aggregate Project in 2014 and is currently permitting the Project for eventual production within the 2018 to 2020 period

The proposed Black Point Quarry Project is an aggregate quarry and marine terminal. The project consists of quarry development and aggregate production on an undeveloped, 354 hectare property, along with the construction and operation of a marine terminal adjacent to the quarry in Chedabucto Bay. Processed aggregate will be off-loaded into Panamax size bulk carriers and transported to ports along the eastern and Gulf coast of the United States and potentially to markets in Canada and the Caribbean.

The Black Point location is sheltered and ice-free, enabling construction of a deep water marine terminal.  The project is anticipated to costs $80-$110 million (US) and will be a significant employer in Guysborough County throughout its expected 50-plus year lifespan.


The Municipality has a rich gold mining history. Some of the richest gold mines in the province were at Hurricane Pt., Upper Seal Harbour and the vicinity of Goldboro.  New, commercially-viable gold deposits have been identified in several locations along with many other promising finds.  Gold mining is coming back, although the magnitude of the industry remains anyone’s guess. 

Along with gold, deposits of rare earth metals are being uncovered with regularity and mounting interest.  A rich mining future in the district is a distinct and profoundly interesting opportunity.
The Registry of Mineral and Petroleum Rights of the Department of Natural Resources, issues Mineral Exploration licenses within the province. An up to date map on the licenses issued within the Municipality may be downloaded and reviewed at