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The District of Guysborough is an ideal place for sustainable commercial and industrial development. The District’s Land Use Plan clearly defines the potential and requirements for commercial, industrial and all other land use developments.

MODG offers an Investment Database at where a range of specific information is available on locations across the District.

MODG Promotional Business Video

We have been working on a series of videos in conjunction with residents, community stakeholders, businesses and industry to try to showcase our Municipality to the rest of the world. This is the second video that has been developed to date and focuses on the business (both small and large) end of things in MODG.

Thanks to the many contributors!

The Guysborough Advantage

The lowest residential tax rate in Nova Scotia, a very competitive commercial rate and readily available land for development are among the benefits of growing your business in Guysborough.

We’re home to the East Coast’s finest harbour and one of Canada’s busiest ports (as measured in tonnage) at the Strait of Canso. A modern container terminal is planned for our coast, at Melford.

Modern Spin on Traditional Industries

Our traditional fishing industry has become a modern and lucrative enterprise. New technologies have enhanced the District’s mining potential for gold, aggregate and rare earth minerals.

Tourism is a natural in this unspoiled, coastal region.  Wildlife, outdoor recreation-based tourism and eco-tourism all have great potential. Authentic Seacoast ( has made significant investments recently in the Shiretown of Guysborough. 

Incredible Tourism Opportunities

Tourism is a natural in this unspoiled coastal region. Outdoor and experiential tourism opportunities are growing. Tourism operators are investing in new experiences such as Seawind Landing . Another example would be the Authentic Seacoast has made significant recent investments in the shiretown of Guysborough.

Promising Future, Dedicated Support

The outlook for business development is promising. The Municipality employs a full-time Director of Economic Development, Gordon MacDonald. Gordon is happy to answer any questions you may have and provide further information about the Guysborough advantage. You can reach him by email or phone at (902) 533-3705 ext. 245.

To view specifics on each project planned for construction within MODG click the links below.
Pieridae Energy- Goldboro LNG
Anaconda Mining
Maritime Launch Services