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Natural advantages

Big and small, we’re defined by natural advantages and endless opportunity.

Sable Wind

Winds Bring Opportunity

No one has to tell the people who live here about the strong winds that blow off the ocean. There is another strong wind blowing across the District of Guysborough and that’s the wind of progress and opportunity for a stronger future. 
The Municipality of the District of Guysborough, in partnership with Nova Scotia Power developed a 13.8 MW wind farm named Sable Wind.  The wind farm site is located at the east end of the Municipality near Canso/Hazel Hill.
Sable Wind allowed the municipality and the people of the district to take hold of their future and become a player in the development of long-term, environmentally responsible renewable energy. 
The residents of the District of Guysborough have spoken loud and clear of their determination; their vision to build a future for and in this district. Sable Wind is a progressive step into the energy future and an exciting opportunity to breathe life into that vision.

sable wind opening 2014

Natural Advantages Will Bring Real Benefits

Let’s think about what this means for us, in both practical and intangible terms. We’ve been telling everyone who would listen about the District of Guysborough’s Natural Advantages. Harnessing the power of the strongest winds in the province is one of those natural advantages.
Sable Wind keeps energy flowing to the people of the Nova Scotia and guarantees it keeps on flowing for years, indeed for generations to come. There have been jobs in construction and in ongoing operations. Economic spin-offs and economic opportunities. Those are practical benefits.
We were the first municipality in the province to invest in, build and own a major wind power project. That says we aren’t just making noise when we talk about our Natural Advantages —we know how to use them responsibly to create prosperity. We are part of the global energy solution and are moving confidently into that future. We are here to stay and willing to do what it takes to build a future here, in the District of Guysborough.
In the north east corner of Nova Scotia there is a community, large in geography and in natural advantages. Not too many folks live here, but those that do have pride in their present and confidence in their future. 
 For more information on the Sable Wind Project, please contact the following email address: