Melford Atlantic Gateway

The Strait of Canso Superport, is the deepest ice-free harbour on the North American east coast and one of the few in the world adjacent thousands of acres of unencumbered industrial land available and ready for development. 

The Melford Industrial Reserve is positioned for heavy and marine-based industries.  No urban issues conflict with industrial growth and industries are welcomed at a port where large tracts of industrial land allow investors to design and build state-of-the-art facilities that maximize efficiencies.

As container ships and bulk carriers grow larger and larger, fewer ports can accommodate them without costly dredging or other upgrades.  There are no such costs or concerns associated with the Strait of Canso, which has the depth and capacity to accommodate any vessel plying the seas or on the drafting tables.

SSA Marine, Melford International Terminal and Cyrus Capital Partners, L.P. have formed a joint venture and investment in the Melford Atlantic Gateway. The 315-acre marine container terminal will be constructed at Melford and will become the closest North American port on the Great Circle Route to Europe and Asia via the Suez Canal. The fully-permitted terminal is specially designed to accommodate Ultra Large Container Vessels for both trans-shipment throughout North America’s East Coast and intermodal service to Eastern Canada and US markets through a connection to the Canadian National (CN) rail system. The Melford International Terminals is a $700 million dollar project.

World container traffic is forecast to triple by 2035. Shippers and cargo owners continue to seek stable and reliable supply chain routes and are increasingly having goods sent directly to east coast ports via the Suez Canal.  As the first North American landfall on the Trans-Suez route from Asia, the strategically-located, ice free, deep water port at Melford is better placed and better suited than any competitor to serve this growing demand. Transatlantic and Suez routings will reduce voyage transit times and fuel consumption by using the Melford gateway to Canada and the United States.