District Eight: Councillor Fin Armsworthy

Canso, Tickle

District Eight: Councillor Fin Armsworthy

Fin was elected to Council on October 20, 2012, representing the majority of the former Town of Canso and the Canso Tickle. The District was created after the dissolution of the Town of Canso. Previously, Fin served on the Council of the Town of Canso for 14 years, including as Deputy Mayor for four years. He also served on numerous boards, committees and volunteer organizations.

Fin received his education at Canso High School, Nova Scotia Community College in Port Hawkesbury and the Fisheries School in Pictou.

Fin has managed the family business, Al Sons Cabs and Vans Limited, since 1982, with his father and mentor, Al Armsworthy.  Fin has lived in Canso all his life, an Irishtowner by heart.

Home: 902-366-2850
Municipal Office: 902-533-3705
Fax: 902-533-2749