The Municipality’s recreation department offers something for everyone.  We have programs for residents of every age and at facilities across the district. We strive to meet the Municipal Council’s direction that residents have:

  • Access to recreational opportunities
  • Opportunities for participation that fosters healthy lifestyles & individual, family, and community wellness
  • The assurance of safety in all our programs and facilities
  • The highest quality of facilities, equipment and parks
  • Satisfaction with our services.

Track and field

We work hard with partners to offer value to District residents, keep our programming affordable and ensure no one is denied recreational opportunities for financial reasons.  We work directly with communities and residents to provide programming that meets their needs, and are always open to suggestions.

Of course the big news is the addition of a new recreation complex in Guysborough – the Chedabucto Lifestyle Complex to be completed in 2018. Combined with existing recreation amenities at the Chedabucto Place, the complex will provide year-round sport and recreation opportunities that set us apart. Outdoor skating and shinny, track, soccer, tennis and baseball; indoor community rooms, a fitness centre and gymnasiums. Stay tuned here for updates and information as this big idea becomes a big addition to all our recreational lives.

The District recreation staff is here to serve you and your community.

Staff Contacts

Angie Cleary

Director of Recreation/Special Projects 
Tel: 782-452-4003 
Fax: 782-452-4007 

Christina Bowie

Recreation Programmer/Facility Manager

Tel: 782-452-4004 
Fax: 782-452-4007

Jeff Myers

Physical Activity Coordinator

Tel: 782-452-4005 
Fax: 782-452-4007

Looking for trails, activities and Recreation opportunities in your area? Check out Highland Connect to search for all opportunities in MODG and surrounding areas.