Banking Services RFP

The Municipality of  the District of Guysborough  (MODG) is  seeking qualified  proposals  for  the 
provision  of  Banking  and  Investment  Management  Services.    The  financial  strength  of  the 
institution is critical and therefore proposals will only be considered from Canadian Schedule 1 
Banks with a minimum rating of R‐1 Middle by the DBRS Morningstar. 

The  primary  objective  is  to  select  a  banking  institution  that  can  offer  the  highest  quality  of 
service at the most reasonable cost.  This process also provides the MODG with the opportunity 
to explore alternative  procedural methods  that  could improve its  banking,  cash management, 
investment and customer service capabilities.  Respondents are encouraged to be creative and 
educational in  their  response.  While  the  format must be consistent with  the  requirements of 
this RFP, if there is a proposed solution or service that would be beneficial to the MODG, you are 
invited  to  offer  them.    In  addition,  please  provide  options  that  may  create  efficiencies, make 
improvements and take advantage of new applicable technologies

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This tender closes on October 1, 2021.