New Municipal Alerting System

Please click on the following links for instructions on how to sign up for the new Municipal Alerting System.

This new and exciting system will provide information to you on emergency and non-emergency events within MODG for situations like waste collection cancellations due to storms, water and wastewater issues, or evacuation notices.

Alerts will be delivered through many communication tools such as the Voyent Alert app, text message, email, Facebook, Twitter, and this one is a key feature, landline phones.

Due to the vast majority of naming conventions across Canada, a number of minor discrepancies may exist.  Due to this Fact, residents on Highway 16, 104, 211, 276, 316, and 344, please enter as the following naming conventions for these roadways example.

Highway 16                         Name to be Used “NS-16”
Highway 104                       Name to be Used “NS-104”
Highway 211                       Name to be Used “NS-211”
Route 276                            Name to be Used “NS-276”
Highway 316                       Name to be Used “NS-316”
Highway 344                       Name to be Used “NS-344”

Example “1333 NS-316 Cross Roads Country Harbour, NS, Canada” instead of 1333 Highway 316.  “11696 NS-16”, “352 NS-276”, etc.

Sorry for any confusion.

Registration Link

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