For Immediate Release


September 23, 2022

Municipality of the District of Guysborough to open two “Safe Buildings”

As of 9:00 am on Friday, September 23rd, 2022 the Municipality of the District of Guysborough has initiated a partial activation of their Emergency Command Centre. 

As of now Hurricane Fiona is predicted to make direct landfall in the eastern end of the Municipality of the District of Guysborough at or near the communities of Canso, Hazel Hill and Little Dover.  Fiona is predicted to be historic and extremely strong and dangerous, not only for our Municipality but Atlantic Canada.

Preparations are underway to establish two “Safe Buildings” in our Municipality.  These will be located at the Chedabucto Lifestyle Complex in Guysborough and the Canso/Hazel Fire Station in Canso.  The “Safe Buildings” will be mobilized and ready to accept residents beginning at 6:00 pm tonight.  The Municipality has also established an emergency number that residents can call during this storm event.  The emergency number is (902) 533-2088.  However, in the event of a medical or fire emergency; or, if you require the services of the RCMP, please call 911. 

The Municipality would particularly encourage seniors who are living alone, people who feel unsafe in their homes, people living along the coast and/or in low lying areas that are prone to flooding; and people in areas where there is potential for road washouts that could leave you stranded to please consider relocating to somewhere safe, with our “safe building” locations being an option.

“The Municipality is opening two safe buildings at 6pm.  This is not a storm to fool with and, as such, we strongly encourage residents who need shelter, or feel unsafe in their homes to seek shelter, either at one of our ‘Safe Buildings’ or at a location that is safe”, stated Warden Pitts, “Please take all warnings that have come our way regarding Hurricane Fiona very seriously!”

For those sheltering in place or at one of our “Safe Buildings” please adhere to all warnings and instructions that may be issued in the next hours and days ahead.

Please stay alert and stay safe.

For more information please contact Warden Vernon Pitts at (902) 870-6975 or Barry Carroll, Chief Administrative Officer at (902) 870-0121.