Waste Collection Schedule Changes


Re: Waste Collection Routes and Schedules

On Wednesday, November 4th, Guysborough Municipal Council reviewed a report on waste collection and passed a motion authorizing staff to amend the waste collection program including collection routes. (The current routes were implemented in 1985 and since that time Canso and Mulgrave have been added to our program).

The amendments include:

1.    Waste collection will be scheduled from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., four (4) days per week Monday to Thursday.
2.    Waste not collected on holidays or storm days will be collected the following week. (Example: If recyclables and organics were to be picked up on Monday and that collection is cancelled due to a holiday or storm, then the recyclables, the organics and solid waste (clear bags), will all be picked up on Monday the following week).
3.    Collection routes will be amended commencing Monday, November 30th, 2020 (to balance the number of collections for a four (4) day collection schedule) as follows:

*Information flyers will be delivered directly to residents with route collection changes. 

Monday – 1st Collection Day of New Route – November 30th, 2020

Commencing at the Milford Haven Bridge extending easterly along Route 16 to intersection with Route 316, including Guysborough, Sunnyville and all communities along Route 16 from Guysborough to Half Island Cove. Also including a section of Route 316 from Route 16 to Larry’s River which includes: Upper and Lower White Head, Port Felix, Cole Harbour, Charlos Cove and Larry’s River. Also including Larry’s River/Lundy Road and West Cook’s Cove back to Route 16.

Tuesday – 1st Collection Day of New Route – December 1st, 2020

Commencing at the intersection of the Lundy/Larry’s River Road and the South River Lake Road and going westerly including: Roachvale, Ogden/North Ogden, Erinville, Glencoe, Giant’s Lake, Argyle, then along 316 to Country Harbour, Stormont, Isaac’s Harbour, Goldboro, DrumHead, Seal Harbour and Coddles Harbour. Also including east and west New Harbour and Torbay.

Wednesday – 1st Collection Day of New Route – December 2nd, 2020

Commencing at intersection of Route 16 and Route 316 in Half Island Cove, extending east to include: Fox Island, Hazel Hill, Canso, Durrell’s Island and Tickle Road. Then Dover Road to include all of Little Dover. 

Thursday – 1st Collection Day of New Route – December 3rd, 2020

Commencing at the Milford Haven Bridge northerly along Route 16 including: Boylston, Lincolnville, Upper Big Tracadie. Also including Route 344 to Auld’s Cove, including all communities and side roads. Includes all of Mulgrave. As well as Antigonish/Guysborough Road and North Riverside Road.

Summary of collection routes collection changes: 

Monday – Section of Route 316 , from Route 16 in Half Island Cove to Larry’s River and Larry’s River/Lundy Road added to old Monday route.

Tuesday – New Harbour (East & West), Torbay added to old route.

Wednesday – (Former Wednesday route now picked up on Monday or Tuesday.) Former Friday route Canso/Dover/Hazel Hill now picked up on Wednesday, with section of Route 16 from intersection with Route 316 in Half Island Cove to Dover Road added to old route. 

Thursday – Route remains the same.