Community Liaison & Education

Landfill Visits/Tours

The Guysborough Waste Management Facility staff is pleased to provide tours to the public and schools. Please call our Waste Hotline @ 1-888-232-2316 to arrange a tour.

A Regional Waste Reduction Coordinator/Educator is available to assist community groups and businesses develop waste reduction programs and best practices for waste diversion. The Regional Coordinator, Nicole Haverkort (phone: 902-232-2563 or toll free 1-888-377-9622 or visit the web site at

Waste Management Liaison Committee

Community Members

  • Catherine Hartling
  • Robert Lajoi
  • Alonzo Reddick
  • Joan Welsh

Council Members 

  • Chair to be Determined
  • Warden Vernon Pitts

Staff Representatives

  • Gary Cleary
  • Bruce Avery (Recording Secretary)¬†

Waste Management Liaison Committee Terms of Reference