Melford Terminal Developments

Source: Guysborough Journal
Helen Murphy 

GUYSBOROUGH – If a few key pieces come together soon, construction could begin on Melford International Terminal (MIT) in 2017.

“That would be our goal, our target,” Richie Mann, MIT’s VP of marketing, told The Journal Monday.

Mann said MIT is continuing to make progress with its partner, SSA Marine. “We’re getting all of our ducks in a row,” he said.

That includes being ready for when new carrier alliances come into play, likely this spring. These new alliances will bring about 25 major shipping companies into five or six partnerships. Mann said these new alliances are good for MIT’s prospects.

“They can start making longer-term plans, which is very good for us.” He said the individual carriers struggled during and after the recession, which made it “hard for them to make long-term decisions.”

The Melford terminal is designed to accommodate the very large vessels these alliances will be using.

Officials from MIT recently met with MODG council to update them on the progress of the $300 million project.

The Melford terminal would be the closest deep-water container terminal in mainland North America to Europe and the Suez Canal.

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